Summer Car Care Tips for a Smooth Ride

Summer Car Care Tips for a Smooth Ride | Toronto, ON

It may be summer, but that doesn’t mean you get to put your car maintenance on hold. Here are a few important summer car care tips to remember during the hot months.

Keep your engine cool.

As temperatures rise, so does the chances of your engine overheating. To prevent getting stranded on the side of the road with an overheated engine, make sure your coolant system is working properly. Check the level of coolant fluid in your car and inspect the hoses and the coolant reservoir.

Give your air conditioning a check-up.

No one wants to get stuck in the summer without air conditioning. If your air conditioning isn’t working as well as it should, make an appointment to get it checked out here at Genesis Downtown. After all, you don’t want a minor problem to turn into a major one.

Don’t forget to change your wipers.

Rain happens even in the summer, which is why it’s important to ensure your windshield wipers are working as well as they can. If you haven’t changed your wipers in the last six months, now is the time to do so. Also, check your wipers for any cracks or chips that could hinder their performance.

3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Luxury Vehicle

Tips for taking care of your luxury vehicle - Toronto, ON

When you own a fancy luxury car, there’s more to it than just taking your vehicle out for a spin on the weekends. You need to keep up with its regular maintenance and ensure it’s functioning at the top of its game. Here at Genesis Downtown, we’ve put together some tips for taking care of your luxury car.

Follow the recommended maintenance schedule

Inside the owner’s manual of any car is a recommended schedule for routine maintenance. It’s there to ensure your vehicle is operating at its best. Also, keep in mind that you want to find an expert to tune up your luxury car — make sure that the mechanic taking care of it is a highly trained professional who knows what he or she is doing.

Clean your car frequently

Dirt and grime build up over time and can really do a number on your car’s exterior. If you wash your car every few weeks, this will ensure that there are no ill effects from the residue that comes with driving. When you do wash your car, don’t use your hose’s strongest setting as this can cause scratching. Instead, use buckets of water — and don’t forget to polish it afterward.

Spend extra money on high-quality products

Your luxury car likely cost you a bit of money, so why scrimp when it comes to the cleaning products you use on it? Make sure you’re getting the best ones possible to clean your car — even if they end up costing a little more.